Did you know that Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers health insurance regardless of your health status or medical history?

This means you can't be turned down for this coverage based on your health!

At Anthem, we believe all Virginians should be able to have health insurance, not just those who have employer group benefits. That's why we offer our Virginia Standard coverage to everyone, including those with a medical history.

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Looking for more control over your health care dollars? Immediate preventive care? Consider Anthem's Lumenos® Health Savings Account (HSA) Standard Plan!

Anthem's Lumenos® Health Savings Account (HSA) Standard Plan is a health plan that is also available regardless of your health status or medical history. It is a high deductible health plan integrated with a Health Savings Account through our banking partner. You can make tax-deductible contributions to your account, and withdraw the money to pay for eligible medical expenses, including prescriptions. The plan also offers access to a wide range of PPO network doctors, hospitals and specialists located in convenient locations all across Virginia.

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